Sichuan Festa 2020

Shinjuku Sichuan Festival | Photo by Nakashi used under CC

A festival dedicated to the weirdly addictive and mouth-numbing spice from China’s Sichuan district. Chefs from Japan and China will be serving up tempting plates to showcase the spice, with a wide range of styles and dishes available. Try steamed buns, spicy noodles, mabo tofu, hotpot and more – with dishes ranging from ¥500 to ¥1,000. Considering some of the city’s high-end restaurants from Ginza alongside traditional Sichuan chefs will be there, it’s a great chance to try the most authentic dishes around.

There will be cultural performances including opera, along with a lottery announced at 3.30pm on Saturday (prizes include flights with ANA to Sichuan as well as plenty of alcohol!). To apply you can enter on the website, but must be present at the announcement to clain your prize if you are selected.

Venue: Shinjuku Central Park
Entry: Free
Typical weather at this time
High: 21 ℃Low: 10 ℃
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Access: 188 m from Akado-shōgakkōmae Station
188 m from Anamori-inari Station Keikyū Airport Line (KK14)
188 m from Arakawa-itchūmae Station Toden Arakawa Line
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