Tokyo Cheapo Downtown Drinks #7

25th Apr, 2016 7:00pm – 10:00pm
kaisu hostel akasaka

Casual meetup for Tokyo Cheapo readers and friends at Kaisu—a ryotei (traditional Japanese restaurant) converted into a hostel/cafe in Akasaka. Come chat, be merry and have a drink with the TC team. Whether you’re a Tokyo newbie, old hand or laser cat—all welcome!

Entrance: Free
Drinks: Pay as you go (alcoholic drinks from 500 yen, coffee from 300 yen)
Food: Snacks and desserts only
When: 19:00-22:00

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Dates: 25th Apr, 2016
Start/End Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Entry: Free
Closest station(s): Akasaka Station (Chiyoda Line)
Area: Akasaka
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One Response to “Tokyo Cheapo Downtown Drinks #7”

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    I urge you to use something besides facebook as a communication method. I am not on facebook, and I have no intention of ever] signing up for facebook.
    Anyway, the particular date of 25 April is embedded in permanent memory in my brain, as it is the day we won the indoor soccer championship in 1991. Ohmigawd, this means it is a quarter-century since then. I won’t be there; but I hope the attendees have a beer (and a good beer at that – none of that Asahi Dry {bleep} ~ order Asahi Stout instead) in my commemoration.

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