Tokyo Decadance Halloween 2020

9:30pm – 6:00am
¥3,000 – ¥4,500


One of the biggest Halloween nights of the year, Tokyo Decadance Halloween has DJs, dancers, demons, stilt walkers and cyber rope acts – plenty to keep you busy! This year’s headliner is 83-year old world-record holder DJ Sumirock as well as DJ Disc Junkey along with plenty of other music and circus skill performers including Santistrom from the UK.

You’ll be surrounded by dancing demons and some of the best costumes in Tokyo as people take their outfits pretty seriously here. There are two rooms, the main floor and dark floor, with a variety of DJs from Japan and abroad. Costumes are key so entry price is staggered by dresscode effort, and a VIP set is available which includes topless hostesses and mistress girls… (if that’s what floats your boat).

On the door tickets for those without costumed are ¥4,500, but you can shave ¥500 off if you present a flyer. If you have a ‘basic’ costume you save ¥500, for an ‘advanced’ costume you’ll save ¥1,000 and if you reach the heady heights of ‘decadent’ you’ll save ¥1,500. If you’re quick you can get one of the ¥1,000 golden tickets but they’ll sell out fast so be quick!

This year’s event is being held at Cafe Legato in Shibuya, not far from Womb.

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