Thu, Dec

Tokyo Lovehotels New Year’s Eve Party #WrapItUp

4:00pm – 10:00pm
¥1,500 (on the door)

Tokyo Lovehotels is an art event organisation based in Tokyo, Japan who gather local and international talents to share a night of art, music, experiences and love. They support artists by providing a free space for them to sell or exhibit their works.

* First 50 people will receive a free Tokyo Lovehotels StaySafe mask.

New Year’s Eve line-up

Live performance

  • NAYOKENZA @nayokenza
  • DESTINY @destiny.imd
  • ATM03 @asr.flvme

Art mapping

  • LOWANG & HARRY KAZAN @fab_lowang @harry_kazan
  • Live painting

  • DAVIS 上杉 KOFFIE @davis_uesugi
  • Pop-up kitchen

  • AFROSOUP @lee_hightower
  • Exhibits

    • YASIN @liveyas
    • MAYUKO NICOLAYSEN @mariemayuko
    • BABYLON CITY @matthieu.baot
    • KANA MEGURO @kna_mgr425
    • YONG @theyukimori


    • BRIAN RENTZ @brianrentz
    • MISS VENTIKEIKO @missventikeiko
    • AFRO CHAMCHAM @afro_chamcham
    • SEX PUPPY @masterjoeworld
    • CHOKOLATEPAPI @alasofficiel
    • KALINLAW @kalinlaw
    Organizers may cancel events, alter schedules, or change admission requirements without notice. Always check official sites before heading to an event.

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