Tokyo Modular Festival

Photo by Tokyo Festival of Modular

Now in its sixth year, the Tokyo Modular Festival is an event where modular synth artists, sound designers, engineers, graphic artists and music lovers join forces. Exploring the creative possibilites of the modern modular synthesiser which are undergoing a resurgence in popularity across the globe, it joins analogue electronics with digital technology. The open patachable format of modulars allows for unending possibilities of creativity without the predicitability of pre-set sounds created on screens. The music will be accomapnied by visual designs from F∞x Laser, Aiko and Ethan Drown Hurlburt.

Music performers announced for Saturday include Daedelus, Phew, Chris Goudreau, Mudlogger, Udo Moll, Taro Aiko and Noroeste. On Sunday you can experience the creations of Xenosine, Kabuki, Bagus Pandega, Hataken and Machina among others.

Advance two-day passes are available for 5,000 yen while single day tickets cost 3,000 yen. For the sessions held in Contact, one drink must be purchased upon entry.

The first part of each day will consist of lectures held in the Exhibition Hall of Studio Mission (12pm-6pm) while the evenings will be live performances at Contact Tokyo (5pm-9/10pm) – both in Shibuya.

Entry: ¥3,000 – ¥5,000
Area: Shibuya
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