Called a ‘city within a city’, Akasaka Sacas is a merging of the TBS Headquarters and a busy hub of restaurants, shops, offices and accommodation.

Aside from the TBS headquarters building, the site also contains the Akasaka Blitz theater (venue for music, dance and theatre performances) and the highrise Biztower office building.

Photo by Gregory Lane

Most of the restaurants and cafes are located on the lower floors of the Biztower, including Delirium Cafe Reserve, DOZO, Bikini, Bondi Cafe, Hainan Chifan, and a branch of Aoyama Flower Market Teahouse.

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Photo by Gregory Lane

There are often special events and attractions in the open square between TBS, Akasaka Blitz and Biz Tower, such as ice skating and food festivals.