⚠️ This location is permanently closed.

Commune has had a few different incarnations over the years. First it was Commune 246, then Commune 2nd, now it’s Commune Farmers Market.

Commune used to be a great mix of bars, interesting food and fun people. But sadly, the local NIMBYs kept complaining about the noise and commotion to the point where the organizers of Commune were forced to remove most of the food and drink options and convert it into a farmers market. There are still a few cafes and trucks selling drinks and meals, but the alcoholic refreshments are notably reduced.

Those who remember the fun and excitement of the old Commune 2nd will likely be a bit disappointed with what it has become.

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Covered seating at Commune Farmers Market | Photo by Gregory Lane

Although the vibe is a bit different, the owners of Commune have set up ComMunE on the 10th floor of the new Parco Department Store in Shibuya. They serve tacos, coffee and bottled beer.

Commune 246/2nd/Farmer’s Market closed for good in September, 2021.