The Akihabara branch of the giant raucous discount store. Although the Akihabara branch appears to be enormous, the building is shared with a number of other establishments.

Most of the ground floor is taken up by a very, very loud pachinko parlor. Being notably loud in Akihabara is an achievemnt given that every shop has idol music blaring from speakers. The upper floors are also occupied by other businesses with a popular branch of the @Home Maid Cafe taking up half of the fifth floor, a game center taking all of the 6th and 7th floors and the AKB48 Theater occupying the eighth floor.

Maid Uniforms
Maid Uniforms | Photo by Gregory Lane

Given the neighborhood, this branch of Donki has a heavy emphasis on cosplay and dress-up. Head to the fifth floor to check out the maid uniforms, weird masks and the always popular full body stockings (where do you think Pink Guy did his shopping?)

Full body stockings
Full body stockings | Photo by Gregory Lane

Note that if you’re trying to get to the AKB48 Theater on the 8th floor, you should get your tickets at the booth on the ground floor first. The escalator to the eighth floor is only opened prior to the start of a performance.

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