Natural disasters are a fact of life when living in Japan. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and even tsunamis are prepared for and dealt with as they come. But at the Earthquake Science Museum, you can experience what it’s like to be in the midst of a disaster, and go home prepared for anything.

Permanent displays/exhibitions

While most of the museum is dedicated to advice and warnings about how to prepare for natural events, there are some interactive exhibits worth trying. The museum offers an earthquake simulation, as well as a simulation with smoke and extinguishing fires. IF you reserve in advance, you can also practise first aid, resuscitation with an AED, and even basic search and rescue techniques.

How to buy tickets for the Earthquake Science Museum

Entry is free for all visitors.

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How to get to the Earthquake Science Museum

The museum is a five-minute walk from Nishigahara Station on the Tokyo Subway Namboku line. Alternatively, you can take a seven-minute walk from Kami-Nakazato Station on the JR Keihin-Tohoku line.

Things to do nearby

For a spot of post museum relaxtion, you can head to Takinogawa Park, directly behind the museum. Grab a drink or snack from the nearby stores and relax under the shady boughs.

Frequently asked questions

Are there English translations for the exhibits?

Unfortunately not. However, the interactive displays are quite intuitive and easy to take part in, even without knowing Japanese. Also, some of the provided literature is in English.