There’s more than one Ginza in Japan and there are even quite a few other Ginza in Tokyo (besides the well known one). Jūjō Ginza, next to JR Jūjō Station is one of the biggest.

Seafood stall in Jujo
There are a large number of fresh produce stores | Photo by Gregory Lane

Jūjō Ginza has been a prominent shopping street in the area since the Meiji period in the 19th century. The roof which turned the street into an arcade was completed in 1979.

Can-Do 100 yen shop, Jujo
There are also a few chain 100yen shops | Photo by Gregory Lane

With more than 400 meters of covered space, the arcade is the longest in Kita-ward, although there are only one other arcade of significance!

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Mazumder Halal Store
There is a significant South Asian community in Jujo, so there are a few stores with South Asian ingredients. | Photo by Gregory Lane

Along with an array of fresh produce stores and chain stores, there are a few interesting independent boutique style stores.

Bonnel Cafe
Bonnel Cafe makes and sells their own chocolate. | Photo by Gregory Lane