Kasumigaseki Country Club

Related Events: 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics
Name in Japanese: 霞ヶ関カンツリー倶楽部
Area: Kawagoe
Address: 〒350-1175 Saitama-ken, Kawagoe-shi, 大字笠幡3398 [map]
Phone: 049-231-2181 049-231-2181
Access: 3.8 km from Shin-Sayama Station Seibu Shinjuku Line (SS27)
4.6 km from Tsurugashima Station Tōbu Tōjō Line (TJ24)
4.6 km from Minami-Ōtsuka Station Seibu Shinjuku Line (SS28)
Website: http://kasumigasekicc.or.jp

A smart country club dating back to 1927, the kasuigaseki club will be hosting the Golf events in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Golf was incuded in the 1900 and 1904 games but was removed until Rio 2016. The club has a history of hosting major golf events and held Japan’s first ever Golf World Cup in 1957. The club is a 10-15 minute walk from Kasahata Station on the Kawagoe Line.