Miyashita Park was a rare piece of undeveloped land near Shibuya Station that was popular with the area’s rough sleepers. If there are two things the Tokyo Government hates, they are rough sleepers and underutilised land, so it was inevitable that it would be turned into a shopping center.

The oh-so-rare for Shibuya, public toilet! | Photo by Gregory Lane

To appease some of the critics, the roof of the building was retained as a park, which is now much more popular with instagrammers than it is with rough sleepers.

Beach volleyball court, in Shibuya… | Photo by Gregory Lane

There are various zones within the long thin park. There’s a grassy area (for looking at), a Starbucks, a beach volleyball court (this can be repurposed depending on the season), a climbing wall, and a skateboard bowl.

Suggested Activity
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Miyashita Park cliambering wall | Photo by Gregory Lane

The physical exertion of most visitors seems to be limited to shopping and drinking bubble tea, so the various active zones are underutilised. Finding somewhere to sit down however, is next to impossible.

A skater on the Miyashita Park skateboard bowl | Photo by Gregory Lane

To get there, take the escalators up to the 4th floor rooftop.

Miyashita Park viewed from the other side of Meiji Dori | Photo by Gregory Lane