Moegi no Yu Onsen is a hot spring in Okutama, ideal for those who have spent the day hiking. 

What to expect?

This onsen has both indoor and outdoor baths. The water is completely natural and comes straight from deep underground in Okutama itself. Towards the front of the main building, you will find an ashiyu (foot bath), if you don’t feel like the full onsen experience.

There is also a restaurant on site where you can try some of the local river fish, as well as light snacks.

Suggested Activity
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Are tattoos allowed?

There is no clear policy on tattoos.

How much?

A three-hour stay costs ¥950 for adults, ¥550 for elementary-school children, and is free for preschoolers and younger. To save a couple of hundred yen, remember to bring your own towel. If you forget to bring one, you can rent one from around ¥300. The communal ashiyu costs ¥100 to use.

How to get to Moegi no Yu Onsen

The nearest station to Moegi no Yu Onsen is Okutama Station on the Ōme Line. From the station, it is around a 11-minute walk to Moegi no Yu Onsen.