If you love the sea and its wildlife, this small marine museum is a pleasant detour from a busy Tokyo hub. With everything from small bivalves to entire whale skeletons, it’s got something for everyone to enjoy.

Permanent displays/exhibitions

As a university museum, the Museum of Marine Science focuses on models and specimens as their main draw. Their biggest centerpiece is the entire skeleton of a European Grey Whale, which is over 20 metres long. Besides that, there are specimens of fish, molluscs, and other creatures from the seas around Japan. You can also learn about expeditions and unique species that can be found around the globe. Unfortunately, most of the information is in Japanese, however some of the literature by the door is in English. These include a guide to the museum, and some informational leaflets.

How to buy tickets for Museum of Marine Science

Entry to the Museum of Marine Science is free.

How to get to Museum of Marine Science

The museum is located a short 10-minute walk away from the Shinagawa Station’s Konan exit on the JR line. If you don’t feel like walking, there’s also a municipal bus every 20 minutes that leaves you two minutes away.

Things to do nearby

If the Museum of Marine Science has piqued your interest in the sea, head back to Shinagawa Station and visit the Shinagawa Aquarium nearby!

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