Located in the grounds of the Hotel Okura, the Okura Museum of Art is Japan’s first and oldest private museum.

Seated statue outside Okura Museum of Art
Okura Museum of Art | Photo by Gregory Lane

Opening in 1916, the first building along with all the art works on display, was destroyed in the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake.

Okura Museum interior
Okura Museum interior | Photo by Gregory Lane

The current building was constructed in 1928, and was renovated and restored while the neighboring hotel was rebuilt, reopening to the public in 2019. With the impact of World War II and Japan’s disdain for old buildings, structures of this era are a rarity. One of the highlights is the ornate second floor verandah.

2nd floor of the Okura Museum verandah
Verandah on the 2nd floor of the Okura Museum | Photo by Gregory Lane

In terms of bang for your buck, that depends on what is on show. Spread over three floors (there’s also a basement) the museum is relatively small and it would be difficult to justify spending more than an hour here.

Surrounding the museum are a number of objects and sculptures from the Chinese Qing and Ming dynasties and the Korean Joseon dynasty.

Qing Dynasty brass dragon
Photo by Gregory Lane

While in the area, you should also take the opportunity to see the iconic interior design of the neighboring Hotel Okura.

Value Tips

If you take your ticket from your previous visit, you get ¥200 off admission. Additionally, the Grutto Pass gives free entry to special exhibitions.

Last admittance is 30 minutes before closing. The museum is closed on Mondays, unless Monday is a public holiday in which case the museum closes on Tuesday.

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