The Sen-oku Hakukokan Museum opened in Roppongi in 2002.

It houses, along with its sister museum in Kyoto, art from the Sumitomo family’s collection. The main focus of the collection is Chinese bronze work, but it also includes other artworks such as paintings by late Ming and early Qing Dynasty painters like Bada Shanren and Shitao.

Permanent exhibition

The museum doesn’t have a permanent exhibition, instead it holds a series of temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

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Temporary exhibitions

The Sen-oku Hakukokan Museum holds various exhibitions throughout the year. Some of these exhibitions are “Thematic Exhibitions”, while others are “Special Exhibitions.” We’re not entirely sure what the difference is, but it seems that Special Exhibitions may feature artworks on loan from other collections, and therefore tickets cost a little more.

There is usually one exhibition at a time, although sometimes there are concurrent exhibitions. Exhibitions usually last for one to two months, and the museum closes between exhibitions.

Upcoming exhibitions in 2024 include “Life with Urushi: The Beauty of Lacquer Art in Everyday Life” and “Spotlight on KONOSHIMA Okoku.”

Museum facilities

There is a café and shop onsite, however the shop doesn’t sell museum goods, it sells glass jewelry and accessories.

How to buy tickets

You can buy tickets for the museum in person. Tickets for Thematic Exhibtions cost ¥1,000 for adults and ¥600 for high school students. Junior high school students and younger are free. Special exhibitions cost ¥200 more for adults and high school students, but are still free for junior high school and younger.

Those with diasbility certificates can enter for free along with one carer.

How to get to the Sen-oku Hakukokan Museum

The closest station to the museum is Roppongi-Itchome Station. From there it’s just a 5-minute walk.

Things to do nearby

The museum is really close to the new Azabudai Hills shopping and entertainment complex, which has plenty of things to do.

Frequently asked questions

How long do you need for the Sen-oku Hakukokan Museum?

We recommend around 2 hours for this museum.

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Where is the other Sen-oku Hakukokan Museum?

The other branch of the Sen-oku Hakukokan Museum is in Kyoto, not far from the Philosopher’s Path.