Shibuya Axsh is a new office building near Shibuya Scramble, with some worthwhile art and dining options. Developed as part of Shibuya’s ongoing revitalization project, the shiny, 23-story building sits opposite Hikarie, mainly serving business folk. It’s open from July 8, 2024.

Shibuya Axsh is a good place to pop by if you’re in the mood for a bit of public art, a space-age cocktail experience, or some international cuisine. Here’s what you can find in the Axsh building — which, by the way, will make you sound drunk no matter how you try to pronounce the name.

Shibuya Axsh interior 2F with hanging fake plants and mirrors
Photo by Carey Finn

Restaurants and bars at Shibuya Axsh

There are a number of restaurants and cafés on the first and second floors of the building, including the following:

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Cerveza JPN

A Spanish-inspired paella and craft-beer bar with bright decor and pumping (decidedly non-Spanish) music. Fun, but expect things to get a bit spendy.

paella at Cerveza JPN
Photo by Alexandra Ziminski

hale’aina Hoa

A breezy Hawaiian eatery — made famous in Okinawa, actually — serving up BBQ, salads, doughnuts and sweet sauces. Baby seats are available.

Counter at Hawaiian restaurant at Shibuya Axsh
Photo by Carey Finn

Nakai Shoten

Our favorite place — for the salt. Or should we say, salts. This izakaya is a new venture by a fourth-generation Japanese salt company, and they supply you with at least 10 different types of salt — including lemon, matcha, curry, and an original blend — to sprinkle on your fresh veggies and fried chicken.

Photo by Alexandra Ziminski

Antico Caffé Al Avis

A light little coffee shop with strong lattes, spinach and ham sandwiches, and terrace seating. Good for a pick-me-up.

terrace seating at Antico Caffé Al Avis
Photo by Alexandra Ziminski

Other places to eat

You’ll also find a Thai restaurant called Chao Thai, an Indian-slash-craft-beer joint called Spice Theater, and a 7-Eleven on the first floor, as well as a Tully’s Coffee on the third floor.

Worth a mention is the hipster coffee stand Single O Shibuya on the first floor, outside and opposite hale’aina Hoa. In 2025, a gyoza restaurant should be opening, too.

Cocktail at Nanzuka Taken bar, blue atmosphere
Photo by Carey Finn

Nanzuka Taken

Stepping into this tiny bar feels a bit like entering a strange world where space fetishism meets luxury liquor. It’s run in collaboration with the popular Nanzuka Gallery — which is set to open a new branch in Axsh, in 2025.

Sip a cocktail (from ¥1,300) and keep your eyebrows in place as you eyeball Tetsuya Nakamura’s sci-fi artworks. Ask yourself who buys the ¥1,000,000 bottles of whisky and champagne they have on the menu, and whether there might be a secret room hidden among the stainless-steel panels.

Note: The bar’s artworks are expected to change from time to time. Also note: Nanzuka Taken is on the second floor of Shibuya Axsh.

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Shibuya Axsh outside artwork The Tank
Photo by Alexandra Ziminski

Public art at Shibuya Axsh

Look out for The Tank, an installation by French artist Jean Jullien, outside the building — you’ll find it opposite the Italian restaurant Trattoria 207. Inside said restaurant, you’ll find an array of other artwork, which changes occasionally.

You can also see colorful graphic art scattered around the sides of the building, and there are plans to install art displays on the 3F, too.

Shibuya Axsh outside art mural
Photo by Alexandra Ziminski

Is there a rooftop observatory?

No. There is a rootop garden of sorts on the top floor – the 23rd floor – but it is not accessible to the general public. Only business tenants are allowed to access it.

Shibuya Axsh nameplate on door
Photo by Carey Finn


You can get to Shibuya Axsh from the second floor of the Hikarie building. Exit past the Aoyama Flower Market, and you will see Axsh in front of you.