The world-famous beagle is one of Japan’s most beloved canine characters — and the museum is a testament to that. Although created in America, Japan has kind of adopted the dog as its own.

What to expect

Besides the obvious, lots of Snoopy, the museum gives fans the opportunity to learn more about the cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, explore his inspirations, and see some of the original comic strips.


You can either buy an advance ticket through the official website, or a same-day ticket at the museum. Advance tickets are slightly cheaper, costing ¥1,800 for adults, ¥800 for junior-high and high-school students, and ¥400 for elementary-school students.

How to get there

The Snoopy Museum Tokyo is located in Grandberry Park, a shopping mall in Machida. From Shibuya Station, it takes around 35-minutes to get to Grandberry Park on the Den-en-toshi Line Express. Wherever you are coming from, simply get off at Minami-machida Grandberry Park Station for direct access to the shopping mall.

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