If you’re looking for the ideal Japanese gift to take home or to send to friends or family outside Japan, then Sou Sou is the perfect store for you.

Sou sou sandals
Sou Sou zōri sandals | Photo by Gregory lane

As the name suggests, Sou Sou originates in Kyoto. They have nine stores in Kyoto, one in Tokyo and one store in San Francisco.

Jika-tabi from Sou Sou
Jika-tabi from Sou Sou | Photo by Gregory Lane

Sou-sou utilizes Japanese fabrics with contemporary Japanese design and traditional clothing and accessories. Unique but affordable gifts include split-toe tabi socks, zōri sandals, and face masks.

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Sou Sou Face masks
Sou Sou face masks | Photo by Gregory Lane

The face masks make an ideal gift at the moment. Masks are ¥550 each and come in three sizes—small, medium, and large. The large size is very large, so if you’re unsure, you also might want to order a smaller size as well.