The home-base for Olympic and Paralympic athletes, this area of the Harumi Waterfront has been transformed into a bustling, if not tightly controlled Olympic village.

Sited on reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay in the Harumi neighborhood, the village was completed in plenty of time for the original schedule of the 2020 games but due to the postponement, has stood completely empty for a prolonged period of time until athletes began to arrive in July, 2021.

A feature of the rooms that has been picked up by social media are the athletes’ beds, which are constructed from recycled cardboard. Contrary to rumors spread on social media, they are not “anti-sex beds”. The cardboard frames are intended to be as strong as coventional beds although we’ll have to wait on reports to see how suitable they are for having sex on.

The complex is easily reached on a bus from Kachidoki Station or by a (very draining in Summer) 20 minute walk. Due to the heavy COVID-19 restrictions, you probably won’t be able to hang out for autographs. After the games the area will be turned into a modern community with residential apartments and a whole range of facilities.