Toranomon Hills is a mixed-use skyscraper complex in the Toranomon district of Minato. It’s comprised of four separate buildings. From shortest to tallest, you have the Business Tower, Residential Tower, Mori Tower, and Station Tower (266 m tall).

Photo by Greg Lane

Restaurants, shops, business facilities, and residential apartments are scattered between the four skyscrapers. It’s linked to a major highway, and also has its own train station — Toranomon Hills, which is directly connected to the Station Tower.

What can I do in Toranomon Hills?

Shop ’til you drop. | Photo by Greg Lane

Almost anything! Depending on what tower you’re in, you’ll find different facilities:

  • Business Tower: Shops, cafés, restaurants, offices, ARCH Incubation Center (business development and co-working space), and Toranomon Yokocho (shopping street).
  • Residential Tower: Furnished apartments, EtonHouse International Preschool, spa, and an international clinic. This building is mostly for residents only.
  • Mori Tower: Oval Plaza garden space, offices, apartments, shops, restaurants, and several hotels, including the five-star Andaz Tokyo.
  • Station Tower: TOKYO NODE — a multipurpose event and entertainment centre, with galleries, a rooftop garden, restaurant and infinity pool; the luxurious Hotel Toranomon Hills; high-end restaurants; shops, and offices.

Getting there

Toranomon Hills is well connected to Tokyo’s subway system. There’s direct access to the complex from Toranomon Hills Station on the Hibiya Line, and Toranomon Station on the Ginza Line. If you’re travelling on JR lines, it’s a 10-minute walk from Shimbashi Station.

There’s also plenty of parking, from ¥200/15 minutes, although it’s waived if you make purchases inside the Hills. The complex is also served by Tokyo Bus routes.

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