The full name of this bustling drinking alley under the train tracks in Yurakucho is the “Sanchoku Inshokugai”. Sanchoku means something like “directly sourced” while “Inshokugai” means “eating and drinking association”. In English, they describe it as “Farm to table”, which is not completely accurate as there is plenty of seafood too.

If you prefer to drink in some of the bustling street vibes, they are also tables in the open on the kerbside on the western side of the train tracks.

The entrance can be a little difficult to find. There is a nothern entrance closer to Yurakucho Station, but the main and slightly easier to find entrance is at the southern end—as you walk towards JR Shinbashi Station. Look for the Yurakucho branch of Sushizanmai. The entrance to the Yokocho is right nextdoor, under the bridge.

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