A 1 Michelin star restaurant specialising in Basque cuisine that doesn’t have ridiculous prices.

lunch sets used to be available from ¥1,575, but their lunch courses are now ¥3,500, and the restaurant is only open for lunch on weekends.

The regular dinner meal features tapas priced from ¥600 to ¥900, entrees for ¥1,200 to ¥2,000 and main plates from ¥2,200 to ¥2,800. The menu is quite small, so if you have diet restrictions, you should call ahead to book your table and check the menu for that day.

The owner is a sommelier so if you are after some Basque wine suggestions, he’s the one to ask.

From the outside, the restaurant is quite nondescript. Look out for the Basque Flag flying out front.

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