Craft Beer Scissors is an intimate craft beer bar and bottleshop in suburban Ikejiri.

The bar has about 10 taps of mainly domestically produced craft beer. The refrigerators covering a whole wall of the bar contain an enormous variety of high-quality local and international brands.

Beer fridges at Scissors | Photo by Gregory Lane

Prices are average for a craft beer bar/bottle shop in Tokyo, but the selection of beers is the main selling point. If you buy a beer from the fridge, you can drink it in the bar for a small corkage fee.

There’s also a modest menu with small tasty dishes to consume with your drinks.

The reason for the unusual name is because the bar was started by a hair dresser.

Look for the sign board and head down the stairs | Photo by Gregory Lane

There is another branch of Scissors in Akihabara.

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