⚠️ This location is permanently closed.

If you’re after a more stylised ice cream, with some definite beauty – this is the option for you. This is by no means style over content though, made with creamy Hokkaido-milk softserve, the ice cream is the stuff of dreams. Paired with the deliciously crispy waffle cone, it is as good on the tongue as it is on the eye (and that doesn’t happen often). Sitting quietly below TGI Fridays in Shibuya, Dolci Cafe is a cute and calming cafe perfect for a refreshing break from the city. The menu selection is small with some might lunch options and desserts, but sometime simple is best. Although a little pricier than usual (ice cream is around 800yen!) this is a luxury treat and a great way to try some of Hokkaido’s best produce.

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