Not many bars can boast a mesh fighting ring as well as a DJ booth, but Fight Club 428 has all that and more. Tucked away behind a love hotel and near some of Shibuya’s biggest clubs, you may have seen this multi-functioning bar on your late-night wanderings, but not realised its full potential. Whether you want a pint after a hard workout or you just enjoy watching others break a sweat – you can do it here.

There are numerous membership deals and equipment rental available (boxing gloves are free though!) but Japanese is needed. Options range from yoga to dance to kickboxing to regular boxing – and it’s all very serious. The bar side less so, as you can get an array of drinks at very reasonable prices whilst you enjoy the free Rocky-style entertainment.

If you’re wondering about the 428, even that is interesting: 428 is japanese number speak for Shibuya

2=bu (2 has an old fashioned reading of “fu”, and fu become bu)
8=ya (8 has a reading of “yatsu”, and for quick counting can be shortened to “ya”)

So now you know. And yes, we know we broke the first rule. Sorry.

Fight Club 428
Photo by Chris Kirkland

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