A quaint little café located at the entrance of the suspension bridge at Hatonosu Canyon.

What is the Gallery Poppo like?

This charming and homely cafe offers spectacular views of the valley, making it a popular pitstop for those exploring the area. It is a great place to relax and take in the sounds and sights of the surrounding area. On the menu is a mix of light bites, cakes, and drinks, all within the price range of ¥300 to ¥1,300.

What to know before you visit Gallery Poppo

Do you need reservations for Gallery Poppo?

No, but keep in mind that there is limited seating inside so this cafe is better for those who are traveling alone or in pairs. This cafe also does not accept cards, so make sure to bring cash.

  • Inside Gallery Poppo
  • Taking time to sit back and enjoy the chocolate banana cake.

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