Jangara serves Kyushu-style creamy tonkotsu ramen starting at ¥690.

They have eight different varieties of soup as a base as well as a vegan option. The vegan ramen is soy sauce based and rather thin. It seems like a bit of an afterthought to attract foreign diners.

The eight other varieties are:

  1. Kyushu Jangara—a mix of tonkotsu and mild asari (shellfish)
  2. Bonshan—Hakata Style Tonkotsu
  3. Kobanshan—Kumamoto-style Tonkotsu
  4. Jangara miso—mild asari tonkotsu + miso
  5. Mugichan—mild asari tonkotsu + mugi miso
  6. Tsukechan—tonkotsu shoyu + fish dashi
  7. Karabon—Bonshan + spicy rich miso
  8. Mazechan—fish dashi abura soba (pasta style, no soup)

For each, you can choose the individual ingredients that you want added (apart from the soup and noodles) or you can just go for the “zembu-iri” option (add everything). The zembu-iri prices range from about ¥1,190 to ¥1,300.

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