Located in the streets near Hatagaya Station—one stop from Hatsudai on the Keio Line—Miki’s Art Cafe is a friendly neighborhood bar/cafe with lots of options for both international visitors and internationally minded Tokyoites.

Miki—the owner and founder—opened the business as a vegan cafe. Now it has grown to be a hub for the both the international community and locals. There are still lots of vegan and vegetarian options but there are also a few meat options for non-vegans as well. The menu is a wide range of Asian themed dishes with bahn-mi sandwiches, curries, and nasi goreng, as just a few of the meals available.

If you are living in Tokyo or visiting, and looking for an all-inclusive, LGBTQ-friendly, English-speaking environment, Miki’s Bar will give you a warm welcome.

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