Onibus (it means “demon bus”) is a popular espresso stand close to the Toyoko Line tracks in Nakameguro.

Onibus Coffeee menu
The Onibus Coffeee menu | Photo by Gregory Lane

Onibus serves both hand drip and espresso variants, and each (apart from the espresso shots) is available as a hot or cold drink. A single espresso is priced at ¥418, an Americano at ¥484, and a Cafe Latte at ¥495. Double shots are available for slightly more. The iced versions are also a little more expensive.

Onibus seating
Onibus seating area | Photo by Gregory Lane

There is a small seating area next to the building with stools, but there isn’t much shelter, so you should perhaps plan to take your coffee somewhere else if it’s mid winter or mid summer.

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