Probably meaning “wave of sound”, Otonoha is a lovely little cafe which touts itself as a “vegetable club” in the Sekiguchi neighborhood next to the Kodansha Noma Memorial Museum and across the road from St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Otonoha Cafe interior
Photo by Gregory Lane

Coffee and drinks are on the pricey side (650yen for a cafe latte and 700yen for a herbal tea?) and the coffee is average at best, but how about that peaceful terrace and all that greenery? This is what Japanese TV likes to call a “power spot”. Food mainly consists of pasta, gratin and curry, with a display case of sweets for dessert or to go with your coffee.

Otonoha terrace
Photo by Gregory Lane

There is also a small corner selling veggies from Shizuoka Prefecture—you can sign up for a subscription. There is also a garden centre with greenhouses selling potted plants adjacent to the cafe.

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