Shinobu is a small neighborhood sushi bar nestled in a side street of Akasaka 8-chome roughly half way between the Canadian Embassy and Akasaka Elementary School. The store has only 14 seats but the high stacks of bento boxes behind the counter would suggest that they specialize in takeout and delivery.

At ¥900 for a “1 person” helping and ¥1,200 for a “1.5 person” set, and ¥900 for Chirashi zushi (a sushi rice bowl) the prices are affordable.

The ingredients are fresh with the 1.5 person set that I chose having a selection of fresh and tasty neta. The squid is often an indicator of quality and the squid at Shinobu was delicate and tasty rather than chewy. Be aware that they are very generous with the wasabi (nigiri sushi includes the wasabi between the neta and the rice) so if you’re a bit sensitive to wasabi, tell your chef to go easy.

Sets come with a bowl of miso soup, green tea and a mikan orange for dessert.

Photo by Gregory Lane

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