Bar Tachibana Shinsatsushitsu (its full Japanese name) is a tiny, quirky, medical-themed bar in Golden Gai.

With cocktails on offer with names like “blood transfusion”, “enema”, and “colonoscopy”, and snacks served in a bed pan, Tachibana is a hilarious experience for most and a queasy experience for some. The gimmick aside, the cocktails themselves are fairly plain and the per person entry fee of ¥1,000 is steep even for Golden Gai. If the idea of a fake poo floating in your glass or drinking from a urine sample paper cup appeals, then head on up!

The staircase leading to Tachibana is so narrow, steep, and crooked, that you might be put off before you put your foot in the door. As mentioned, it’s also tiny, so send up a scout to find out if they have space before testing the hazardous stairs.

Signage is only in Japanese, but look out for the distinctive medical red cross with the word “BAR” in the center. Like most places in Golden Gai that welcome foreign visitors, they have an English menu.

Given the gimmicky nature of Tachibana, we recommend spending no longer than an hour here.

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