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Interested in Japanese manga? In this fun class in Nakano, you’ll learn from a professional artist, and have a go at creating your own character.

2-hour drawing class


  • Learn from a professional manga artist
  • Use special manga tools and materials, such as screen tones, dip pens and ink
  • Grasp the basics of drawing manga properly
  • Photo by Jane Pipkin

    Manga is considered the heart of Japan’s pop culture. There are many distinctive characteristics which identify manga, including oversized eyes, specific hairstyles and slender silhouettes. This class has been designed for anyone of any skill level, and you have the option to book as a group or have an individual one-to-one lesson.


    • First, meet your teacher and talk about the manga you like and your experience level
    • Listen to a brief lecture on techniques and the history of manga
    • Start drawing your own manga character and adding details, with guidance from your teacher
    • Take your completed piece of art home as a souvenir!

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