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Ninja Wifi is the biggest provider of rental pocket wifi devices to international visitors coming to Japan. They also have the most pick-up points.

A Ninja Wifi 4G LTE mobile hotspot device | Photo by Ninja Wifi

You can avoid the hassles with finding free wifi or the technical headache of inserting a SIM into your phone by renting a 4G LTE mobile pocket wifi device.

You can connect all your devices to a single wifi router so there’s no need to get multiple SIM cards if you’re traveling as a couple or in a group.

You can pick up your pocket wifi from one of 9 airports. At the end of your trip, you can either deliver it back or drop it off at a Ninja Wifi drop-off point at the airport. You don’t need any special discount codes – the discount is automatic for anyone ordering through Tokyo Cheapo. Insurance is NOT included.

This tour has been booked more than 12,000 times by Tokyo Cheapo readers.

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