Being a student fresh out of high school, developing the skill of thriftiness is a means of survival! Mackenzie earned her Cheapo qualifications by going up two floors during every break at school to get water from the water fountain to save 140 yen on a vending machine, grabbing any advert with tissue packets attached, and picking out cool tea tins from her neighbor’s recycle bins to repurpose (people wash their recyclables here!) She also writes a DIY fashion/beauty blog where she posts all of her tutorials on do-it-yourself clothes, accessories, manicures, and more! Hey, on a student budget, sometimes food comes before fashion. Sigh. Check it out at

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  • August 10th

    Cheapo Craft: DIY Felt Citrus Coaster

    I was never a tea-drinker until I came to Japan for the first time about two years ago. Ever since my first sip of warm, toasty genmaicha though, I have been hooked on tea and can’t get enough. Every morning I start my day with a big mug of the […]

  • May 4th

    DIY Cheapo: Koi Nobori (Carp Streamers)

    One of the many things we love about Japan is the plethora of fun holidays and festivals. Kodomo No Hi (Children’s Day), which falls on May 5th, is an awesome national holiday during Golden Week that celebrates children’s personalities and […]

  • March 21st

    DIY Cheapo: 100 Yen Pearl Bracelet

    As one of the world's fashion capitals, Tokyo can make a cheapo feel under-dressed. Fear not - we'll help you look good for less. We all know that Tokyo is an amazing city… but it’s also very expensive. I mean, there’s a reason you’re on a site […]

  • February 23rd

    Takeya: 42 Floors of Bargains

    Looking to buy a rice cooker, engagement ring, washing machine, sphygmomanometer (one of those blood pressure thingies) and a bag of flour all at one stop? There's a nine-building store in Okachimachi that has everything you could possibly want […]

  • February 7th

    Disaster Survival 101

      Would you know what to do if an earthquake were to happen right now? Or how about a fire? In a country like Japan, which sees more than a few natural disasters, it's essential to know this kind of stuff. I had no idea about disaster […]