May 4
May 6

Ginza Sky Walk 2024


Ginza Sky Walk is an event that gives a sneak peek into Tokyo’s latest development project.

What is the KK Line Regeneration Project?

The KK Line Regeneration Project is a future walkable urban development that aims to connect people with the city and the environment. It is not due to be completely finished until the 2030s or 40s*, but from May 4 to May 6, 2024, the public will be able to catch a first glimpse of this exciting new space. 

*some sections may begin to open in the 2020s.

What to expect

15,000 participants are expected to join this three-day event. During it, they will see the KK Line (also known as the Tokyo Expressway) as it’s never been seen before. There will be no cars and participants will be able to grab food and drinks, enjoy special entertainment, and take in the view of the city.

On top of this, there are two special events which are only open to a limited amount of people.

Morning Programme

On the morning of May 5 and 6, runners can take a light jog on the new highway development and take part in a separate yoga session.

Night Programme

On the evening of May 5, there will be a chance to see the night skyline from the highway and KK Line. As well as taking in these unique views, you can enjoy a nice drink.


Although entry for the Ginza Sky Walk is free, you will need to register in advance. Additionally, you will need to pay ¥1,000 to participate in the Morning Programme or ¥1,500 for the Night Programme.

Note: Due to popular demand, there are no more spaces for the Morning and Night Programme.

How to get there

The nearest station to the beginning of the Tokyo Expressway (KK Line) route is Shimbashi Station.

Organizers may cancel events, alter schedules, or change admission requirements without notice. Always check official sites before heading to an event.

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