Hakone Park Summer Night Fireworks Festival

2nd Aug, 2019
Photo by Tim Yau used under CC

Held as part of the annual 5-day Ashinoko festival week in Hakone, this fireworks event is an impressive display of over and underwater rockets. Over 2,000 fireworks will be launched on the 2nd and 3rd including some impressive underwater ones, called star mines. The festival celebrates the time when a nine-headed dragon lived in the lake but was eventually tamed by a monk and now serves and protects the local residents and visitors to the area. Moto-Hakone is the center of the festivities with food stalls and festival games to keep you entertained and in the festival spirit. In the early evening, traditional Japanese boats float from Hakone Shrine to Sekisho and the night festival will take place at the base of the Komagatake Ropeway near the Prince Hotel.

If you’d prefer to escape the maddening crowds and see the fireworks from a river boat, you can book a boat ticket here.
Dates: 2nd Aug, 2019
Venue: The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko
Entry: Free
Web: http://www2.princehotels.c...
Link in Japanese
Area: Hakone
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