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Kamakura Seizan
14-32 Onarimachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa
From ¥22,000 /night

Kamakura Seizan is a swanky, newly built hotel very close to Kamakura Station in Kanagawa. If you like your hotel retreats filled with green, then this one’s for you.

What’s the hotel like?

Not a bad entrance way. | Photo by Alex Ziminski

You won’t be disappointed when rocking up to Kamakura Seizan. Its modern, light exterior is welcoming, but not in a cookie-cutter, new hotel way. It has its own quirks, such as beautiful trellises covered in plant life and a wide open lounge and reception area. The aim of the hotel is to fuse the city with nature, and it does a good job of that.

Find plant life even inside the hotel’s walls. | Photo by Alex Ziminski

There are only 36 guest rooms in the hotel, with a miniature atrium that connects them. This makes the hotel feel exclusive.

What facilities does the hotel have?

It’s hard to imagine running out of free seats here. | Photo by Alex Ziminski

The hotel doesn’t go too over-the-top with facilities. The large space at the bottom of the hotel is used as a cafe until 3 p.m., before turning into a restaurant from 5 p.m. They serve soup, curry, and a number of drinks. The cafe/restaurant closes on Wednesdays.

Is there anywhere to hang out in the hotel?

The first-floor cafe/restaurant has nice natural lighting and plenty of seats. It’s not a bad place to work or grab a drink and relax.

What are the rooms like?

You get what you need. | Photo by Alex Ziminski

Rooms at Kamakura Seizan are sleek and homely, almost like being thrust into a cozy cave. But saying that, you get ample light and space. There are five types of rooms available, including semi-doubles with showers only, double rooms, superior twin rooms, and deluxe twin rooms. We stayed in a Superior Twin.

The bathroom included a bath with a shower attached. The toilet was separated and did all the whimsical things a Japanese toilet should do.

Rooms do not include TVs but they do have Wi-Fi.

How big are the rooms?

Depending on the type you decide on, rooms range from 16 square meters to 32 square meters. While the smaller ones may be a little tight, we were quite happy in our 28-square-meter Superior Twin and had plenty of space in which to flail about — if we wanted to.

Are the rooms comfortable?

Beds include complimentary pajamas for the night. | Photo by Alex Ziminski

The rooms are very comfortable, although we went on an unseasonably hot night and it did take some time to find the correct temperature level to make it pleasant.

What’s the view like?

Blue skies from the window. | Photo by Alex Ziminski

All rooms come with a window and you’re more likely than not to spot grassy gardens and typical quaint Kamkura rooftops.

Should I order the breakfast?

If you opt for breakfast, then the cafe on the first floor will provide a few options, including a typical Japanese-style breakfast with small dishes and rice, as well as soup.

What’s the location like?

Kamakura Enoden Train
Kamakura’s Enoden train can be easily accessed from the hotel. | Photo by

The location is ideal for transport around Kamakura and Enoshima as it’s within five minutes of Kamakura Station. This is ideal if you are coming straight to Kamakura from Tokyo.

How is the access to trains and subway?

The closest station is Kamakura. Here you can get on the Enoden train and travel south towards the beach, Great Buddha, and Enoshima. You can also catch train lines towards Kita-Kamakura and main Tokyo hubs like Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Tokyo Station.

How do I get there from Tokyo’s airports?

  • From Haneda Airport: You’ll need to head to Yokohama Station on the Keikyū Line before switching to the Shonan-Shinjuku Line or Yokosuka Line to Kamakura Station. It takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes and costs about ¥700.
  • From Narita Airport: You can get to Kamakura directly by taking the Narita Limited Express towards Ōfuna. It takes around 2 hours and costs ¥4,040.

What’s the surrounding neighborhood like?

While there’s not much in the immediate vicinity, you can find major landmarks a quick walk, bus ride, or train ride away. Kamakura is known for hidden temples and shrines all over the place.

Are there many good places to eat nearby?

Kamakura tends to close up shop quite early, so restaurants can be a little quiet in the area, especially on a weekday. But saying that, there are a few bustling bars and izakaya opposite and next to the hotel.

What points of interest are within walking distance of the hotel?

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine in Kamakura, Japan
Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine is short walk away. | Photo by

Who should stay here?

If you’re planning a day trip to Kamakura, but you’ve realized there’s just too much to cover in one day, this hotel can be a great base for a two-day excursion from Tokyo.

What sustainability measures do they have?

You will be handed a cute wicker basket at the reception and asked to pick which amenities you would like to take up to your room, rather than having them stocked inside.

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