Koganecho Bazaar

1st Oct–6th Nov, 2016 11:00am – 6:30pm
koganecho bazaar

The 9th Koganecho Bazaar will be held this October featuring artists a from across the world and Japan, with sculpting to photography and everything in-between. With a focus on every day life and community collaboration, the Bazaar has a wide variety of locations, works and stories. Originally held to celebrate the revitalisation of the area after it was cleared of hundreds of prostitution houses, the Bazaar has developed to use the city streets, reclaimed houses and specially built studio buildings to display artwork, hold talks and allow the public to explore the work of the artists. Selected to exhibit from across the world, the artists have all been hand-picked by the NGO responsible for revitalising the area for their ability to work with the local environment and current issues.

The two purpose built studio spaces are host to a shop and cafe as well as a work-spaces shared by four artists. Glass walkways allow for great views in-between and the riverside location makes it a stunning spot.

Running for just over a month, the Bazaar is closed on certain days so please check the website for details as they may change.


Dates: 1st Oct–6th Nov, 2016
Start/End Time: 11:00am – 6:30pm
Venue: Koganecho
Advance sales: ¥500
Closest station(s): Koganecho
Web: http://koganecho.net/kogan...
Area: Yokohama
We do our best to make sure event info is correct. However, all event details are subject to change.
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3 Responses to “Koganecho Bazaar”

  1. Disappointed October 12, 2016

    Currently here now on a Monday afternoon. Don’t bother, it’s completely deserted, with very little to see. It’s a small scattering of studios but a lot of it appears boarded up.

    • Lily Crossley-Baxter October 12, 2016

      Today is Wednesday, do you mean you were there Monday or currently there?

      • Disappointed October 12, 2016

        Oops, I meant Wednesday (today).
        I had a bit of trouble finding it, so for the benefit of others, you get off an Koganecho Station and walk along the river towards Hinodecho Station (about a 10 minute walk between the stations). At various spots you will see a yellow flag indicating something related to the Bazaar. One of the larger studios had a “community space” for people to create their own art, but this was also deserted.
        Overall, maybe possibly interesting if you’re truly a hardcore artist, but the lack of interest from even the locals makes me suggest to other tourists that this is not at all worth making the trip for.

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