Kurayami Festival

30th Apr–6th May, 2020
Photo by Guilhem Vellut used under CC

This festival is touted as one of the “three strangest festivals in Kanto”. Given that the competition includes a festival parading giant phalli and another in which participants have faces painted on their bellies, that’s really saying something.

The festival takes place mainly in and around the Okunitama Shrine over a period of 6 days. The first day involves a trip to Shinagawa to collect seawater.

Dates: 30th Apr–6th May, 2020
Venue: Ōkunitama Shrine
Entry: Free
Access: 278 m from Fuchū-Hommachi Station JR Nambu Line (JN20)Musashino Line (JM35)
455 m from Fuchū Station Keiō Line (KO24)
0.6 km from Fuchūkeiba-seimommae Station Keiō Keibajō Line (KO46)
Web: https://www.ookunitamajinj...
Link in Japanese
Area: Fuchu
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