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Tokyo Boat Race at Tamagawa Stadium


Enjoy these thrilling boat races on the water.

There are three main boat-race stadiums in Tokyo: Edogawa, Heiwajima, and Tamagawa.

What happens?

Six powerboats make three laps around a 600-meter course, racing to finish first. The boats are color-coded and numbered from 1 to 6.

Instead of a standing start, boats will do warm-up laps 100 seconds before the race starts. They then must cross the starting line between 0 and 1 second before the 100 seconds are up. If they are too fast, they’re out, and if they are too slow, they’re also out (bets on these boats are refunded). After that, whoever finishes first, wins.


You can watch these powerboat races for free in general seating, but there are reserved seats available for around ¥2,000.

How to make a bet

A betting card can cost as little as ¥100 and can be purchased using a vending machine inside the stadium. Odds are displayed inside the stadium, as well as on the website.

There are seven types of bets you can make:

  • Bet to win: Pick one boat to finish first
  • Bet to place: Pick one boat that will either finish first or second
  • Bet Exacta: Pick two boats that will finish first and second in order
  • Bet Quinella: Pick two boats that will either finish first or second
  • Bet Trifecta: Pick three boats that will finish first, second, and third in order
  • Bet Trio: Pick three boats that will either finish first, second, or third
  • Bet Quinella-Place: Pick two boats that will place in the top three

See if you’ve won from the big screen in the stadium, and collect your payout — if you’re lucky — at the vending machines.

You may have some trouble filling out the betting card as it is in Japanese, so make sure you follow their guide in English and watch the video below.

Powerboat race schedule 2024

  • January 21–26: Venus Series Round 18 Koremasa Princess Cup

How to get to Tamagawa Boat Race Stadium

Take the Seibu Tamagawa Line to Kyouteijoumae Stadium, and the stadium is in front — or take a free bus service on the mornings of the races from Tamareien Station or Fuchu Honmachi Station.

The information provided here is for entertainment purposes only, and is intended for readers 20 years of age and older. If you choose to gamble, you are urged to do so responsibly. TELL provides support for those who need it.

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