Photo credit: John Knieriem | Photo by John Knieriem

For many people, a good butter chicken curry or murgh makani is the gateway drug for getting into Indian Cuisine. It’s mild, sweet, creamy flavour have made this famed North Indian dish a big hit in Japan. So much so that many Indian restaurants (such as Thali-ya) place a premium on it. However, Sapana – a new restaurant in Higashi Kurume – gives you the opportunity to get your butter chicken lunch fix for only 630yen as part of a set which also includes a salad, a tall glass of lassi and a naan big enough to use as a sunshade.

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Photo credit: John Knieriem | Photo by John Knieriem

Despite only opening recently, the place is quite large and can seat over 30 people.  The waiting staff at Sapana are from Nepal, while the chef is Indian.

Aside from cheap lunch sets, they also have an evening ‘all you can eat and drink’ course for 3,500yen. Alternatively you can do just ‘all you can drink’ for 2,000yen – which would be rather hard to do while having to watch and smell the curries going past.

Photo credit: John Knieriem | Photo by John Knieriem
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