Narimasu is a station on the famously cheap Tobu Tojo line. According to a survey by major Japanese Real Estate search site “At Home” in 2012, Narimasu was selected as the “easiest place to live” in the 23 wards area of Tokyo. Reasons cited were the low, low rent, the convenience to Ikebukuro (the relatively new Fukutoshin line also runs through the area) and the facilities around the station – which is currently undergoing a major redevelopment. Like every good cheapo neighbourhood there is a historic shotengai – which isn’t being touched by the redevelopment.

On the minus side, it’s a neighborhood of wide roads, lots of traffic and big ass concrete apartment blocks. Although you’ll find everything from cheap used clothing stores through to cheap supermarkets and even a Kaldi, it’s not like you can pretend you’re living somewhere nicer.

There is also a giant muscular sitting Buddha just a short bike ride from the station.

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