B-mobile is another provider looking to break into the eSIM game. With the unique appeal of a customizable plan length, they’re worth a look for any Japan trip. Their eSIMs connect to the stable Docomo 4G network, offering constant, reliable access.

B-mobile offers plans covering everything from 1- to 30-day stays, with allowances between 1GB and a staggering 100GB. Their shortest plan starts from ¥744 for the 1-day, 1GB plan, and goes up to ¥16,280 for 100GB across 30 days. The best value plans tend to fall in the middle, with around 40GB/15-day plans being optimal.

Plan ahead of time though, as the eSIM took 40 minutes to arrive for us. According to the website, it can take up 15 hours.

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Our tests

(Upload/Download/Latency, in Mbps)

Tested on

Test 1 (Setagaya): 20.6/12.3/69
Test 2 (Shibuya): 19.8/10.1/61
Test 3 (Shinjuku): 20.63/4.96/45
Average: 20.11/9.35/58.33