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eSIM Japan

The hugely popular eSIM Japan offers economical data-only eSIMs for visitors to Japan. Their plans come with a variety of lengths and data limits. Their eSIMs are provided by China Mobile Hong Kong, but roam to the domestic KDDI au and SoftBank networks in Japan.

eSIM Japan has a choice of fixed data, daily data, and unlimited data options. On a daily data plan, you’ll receive 3GB of data to use every day, for between 5 and 90 days. Fixed data plans are the conventional choice, offering between 3GB and 30GB for a set period. And finally, the unlimited data plan lasts for your chosen length, and offers technically unlimited data. The catch is that only a portion of it will be high-speed, after which you’ll drop down to slower speeds. There are three tiers, Lite, Basic and Pro, with different amounts of high-speed data.

Prices for the plans start at US$3.99, going up to US$147.99. Getting onboard is quick and easy — pay online and a QR code is instantly delivered to your email. When we tested them, we found smooth loading and playback to be normal — our download and upload speeds came in at an average of 38.27Mbps up and 11.16 down.

Our tests

(Upload/Download/Latency, in Mbps)

Test 1: CTCSCI Tech Ltd: 70.2/14.5/183
Test 2: 81.2/15.2/165
Test 3: Verizon Tokyo: 83.6/3.47/176
Test 4: Rakuten Mobile Inc.: 95.4/15.1/192
Test 5: Web: 74.48/Na/195

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