ETravel Sim

A solid and reliable partner on your trips to Japan, ETravel Sim is great if you’re a glutton for data. With 4GB-a-day caps being your only restraint, indulge in all the data-heavy activities you need. Anchored to Japan’s Docomo network, you’ll have your data around the country.

ETravel Sims all come with a set 4GB-a-day cap on high-speed data, which is generous for most users. Their plans are fixed into 7, 15, and 30 day chunks, making them a little inconvenient if your trip falls outside of those times, though. Their 7-day plan is the cheapest at US$19.99, and their 30-day plan will set you back US$59.99.

Signing up was very easy, and we only had a short 15-minute wait before our eSIM was up and running.

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Our tests

(Upload/Download/Latency, in Mbps)

Tested on

Test 1 (Setagaya): 98.5/12.7/58
Test 2 (Shibuya): 99.8/15/59
Test 3 (Shinjuku): 72.3/7.81/59
Average: 67.65/11.84/58.67