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Based in Singapore, JetPac has recently wandered into the Japanese market with their range of eSIMs. Each eSIM lasts for 30 days, and is priced depending on the amount of data you need. JetPac products are roaming-based, so you’ll need roaming enabled while you’re in Japan. When roaming, however, JetPac eSIMs roam domestically to SoftBank and KDDI, two solid networks throughout Japan.

JetPac’s eSIMs offer a range of between 3GB and 40GB across a 30-day period. The cheapest offering is their US$5.00 30 day eSIM, climbing until it hits their US$54.00 40GB eSIM. There’s also a promotional US$1.00 1GB eSIM that lasts four days, for short hops.

Once you pay, the eSIM is delivered to you instantly, and you just have to set up and start roaming. JetPac does push its app, but it isn’t technically needed. A final little perk is JetPac giving you access to over 1000 airport lounges in the world, in case of flight delays.

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(Upload/Download/Latency, in Mbps)

Test 1: CTCSCI Tech Ltd: 166/16/194
Test 2: 125/11.3/193
Test 3: Verizon Tokyo: 140/9.61/205
Test 4: Rakuten Mobile Inc.: 149/17.1/215
Test 5: Web: 33.59/Na/165

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