RakuRaku eSIM

RakuRaku Japan eSIM offer a range of eSIM options for visitors to Japan. They have a variety of durations and data limits. Their eSIMs connect to the popular NTT Docomo network in Japan, ensuring reliable service nationwide.

RakuRaku have a mix of daily-data eSIMs and fixed-data plans. Their daily offerings are 2GB of high-speed data for 8 or 15 days. Those come in at ¥2,800 and ¥4,500 respectively. If that’s a little too much, their set packages start from 3GB for 21 days at ¥1,980, and climb to the huge 100GB for 31 days at ¥8,000.

Getting set up isn’t too difficult either — just place your order, and within 10 minutes you’ll be emailed an activation code. Follow the instructions in that email, and you’ll be set in a snap.

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Test 1 (Setagaya): 110/14.6/37
Test 2 (Shibuya): 119/9.34/55
Test 3 (Shinjuku): 84.3/9.49/59
Average: 104.43/11.14/50.33