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Ubigi is a relatively new name in the eSIM market, offering affordable options for over 200 countries — including Japan. Their plans start from economical 1-day plans, to data-heavy 30-day options, and everything in between. Ubigi works with NTT Docomo, one of Japan’s biggest telecom companies, to ensure reliable access around the country. On user forums, Ubigi tends to get good reviews.

Ubigi’s eSIMs offer varying lengths and data limits, designed to meet travelers’ needs. They start from the cheapo-friendly 500MB, 1-day plan at ¥360, and go all the way to the 30-day, 50GB behemoth at ¥9,700. There are also two annual plans available, providing either 2GB or 5GB of data monthly at ¥5,400 and ¥14,100 respectively.

Getting onboard is quick and easy. Once you’ve paid, an email is sent to you in seconds, with a link to your eSIM QR code. Scan, set up, and surf away. Their speeds are lightning fast — in our tests, they were one of the quickest options:

Our tests

(Upload/Download/Latency, in Mbps)

Test 1: CTCSCI Tech Ltd: 176/19.2/375
Test 2: 212/22.5/27
Test 3: Verizon Tokyo: 93.7/3.42/24
Test 4: Rakuten Mobile Inc.: 96/5.4/214
Test 5: Web: 52.03/Na/433

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